5 Best Tools in the Garden

5 Best Tools in the Garden

5 Best Tools in the Garden

With any craft, having the right tools is essential to producing quality work. Whether you’re in the kitchen whipping up a cake or in the garage working on the car, tools are as necessary as the work we want to get done.

Having the right tools in the garden can make all the difference. Get the job done right with the right tools.

For this week’s article, we’ve put together what we think would be the top 5 tools to have in your garden.


We’re putting the most important here at the top. You can do a lot with your hands, but when it comes to pruning, you’ll need some shears.

We’ll shout ourselves out here on this one for having some of the easiest shears to use on the market. 

The Farmers Defense pruning shears are made of stainless steel and are essential for any gardener or farmer. We've made them with an ergonomic spring-loaded handle with easy locking for quick storage. 

They come in straight or curved blades, depending on your trimming preference.

pruning shears

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is a small tool that is mostly used for planting, transplanting, and essentially anything else. One of the most important things when finding the proper trowel is using one with a comfortable grip and a well-connected blade and handle. Hand fatigue can be a significant issue when digging in the garden. The comfortable grip will help with this. 

A variation of the hand trowel used for gardening had existed for about 10,000 years when people used the shoulder blades of animals to sift through dirt. They used a sharp stone blade set into a bone handle to domesticate plants.

During the bronze age, tin and copper were smelt and made into bronze, enabling people to create harder tools for farming.

However, during the mid-seventeenth century, the interest in gardening increased. This led to increased demand for specialized tools, such as the garden trowel.

hand trowel


Great gardeners always have a little dirt under their fingernails, but they also know the importance of solid gardening gloves to save them from blisters, callouses, thorns, and scratches. The best ones slip on easily but are snug enough for gripping weeds, pruners, and seeds. Always buy more than one pair; they are rarely where you think you’ve left them.

Gloves are essential. Our hands are the best tools we have, and we must keep them protected at all costs. 

Whether we are digging or gripping, hand fatigue and skin blisters are cause for major concern. Keeping a few pairs of gloves around is the way to.

Your hands are literally in the thick of it all, so keeping them safe is essential.

Getting the right gloves can be confusing with many brands and styles to choose from, but a few features to look out for are breathable and sturdy knit fabric with flexible and durable coating on the palms and fingers. The coating will allow you to handle tools and plants more comfortably. 

Whether we are digging or gripping, hand fatigue and skin blisters are cause for major concern. Keeping a few pairs of gloves around is of well-made gloves that can be machine washed is ideal. And having multiple pairs doesn't hurt; when one gets muddy or soaked, you can swap them out while you wait for the others to wash and dry.

gardening gloves

Protective Farming Sleeves 

This doesn’t qualify as a tool per se but more of a garment. But technically speaking, a tool classified by Webster’s is defined as IMPLEMENTTOOLINSTRUMENTAPPLIANCE, and UTENSIL means a relatively simple device for performing work.

So technically, sleeves are exactly what a tool is. 

Farming sleeves can allow you to work longer and irritant-free, freeing your arms to reach into areas they wouldn’t usually be able to make them one of the most powerful in your arsenal. 

UPF protective sleeves are a game changer in the garden.

When working on a project outdoors or in the garden, long-sleeved shirts may effectively protect the skin from the sun, but they often leave us a little hot and sweaty. For this reason, arm sleeves are advantageous.

A denser, tighter fabric constructed from a polyester and nylon blend with moisture-wicking qualities, offering breathability, works best. These materials stay dry and cool and protect sensitive and thin skin from scratches and sun exposure.

Farming sleeves with bee print

The best part about using arm sleeves with UPF protection is that there's no need to apply and reapply SPF sunscreen to the covered skin.

Our Farming Sleeves are the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. They cover all the way from the bicep to the knuckles, offering optimal protection. Not to mention they come in so many styles and color choices. A

Garden Weeding Cart 

Okay, maybe not essential, but we liked this one because it's fun. 

A great tool for all your indoor and outdoor projects. This product can save your back and knees with fewer ups and downs while gardening, doing yard work and performing any other low household projects.
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Swiveling seat with adjustable heights
  • Tool organizer
  • No flat tires
  • Steering tab allows you to turn easily
  • Bucket holder - perfect for a 5 Gal. bucket or a flex tub

weeding cart for the garden

We're looking to get one ourselves and see how much it helps. We'll keep you posted on the updates as they