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Complete the Gardening Outfit: Sun Protective Clothing for Women

Complete the Gardening Outfit: Sun Protective Clothing for Women 

More and more, we hear about the need to go get some fresh air, some sun, and touch grass. This call to action is more than a trending meme; spending time outdoors in the sun has a multitude of benefits, ranging from the adjustment of the sleep cycle and mental health to actually giving your body essential vitamin D. But like most good things, there certainly can be too much of it. Beyond the risk of unsightly tan lines, too much time spent in direct sunlight can lead to a lengthy list of potential health problems.

The goal is to get that time outside while using modern protection methods to keep yourself safe from dangerous UV rays and remember what it’s like to be human.

Everyone’s desired exposure to the sun varies. Some with susceptible skin might want to avoid it altogether, while others may want to feel the sun in controlled doses. This makes the use of sleeves the perfect addition to any sun protective outfit.

The Sun Protective Regimen 

We’ve come to consider sun-protective clothing more often as a society. We’ve worked it into daily skincare routines and preparations for outings to the beach and pool. We now consider it when we choose sun protection outfits for almost any time spent outdoors, whether walking or digging in the garden. These choices change our routines for the better—but like all new habits, what it takes for them to stick is ease and accessibility. If we’re required to lather on sunscreen every 90-120 minutes or put on a stuffy long-sleeved shirt every time we go out in the sun, the sun-protective regimen won’t stick. 

Greasy sun screen being applied to a hand.

It’s suggested that the best way to use sunscreen is by applying it 30 minutes before use. Sometimes there’s no time for that. And with women’s clothing often leaving you more exposed to the sun, it’s convenient to be able to add a piece of clothes with UPF protection that can be taken on and off quickly. And with the growing concern over potentially hazardous chemicals in sunscreen, more and more people are switching to UPF clothing. 

Sun Protective Clothing for Women 

Women’s clothing is versatile, with many options, so you’re likely to shop around. But whatever you choose to go out in the sun with, make sure it has a good reputation with solid reviews and clearly specifies its UPF rating. UPF 50+ fabrics block 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays, so you can look great while protecting your skin from sun damage.

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It's Literally in the Clothing 

Sun protection shouldn’t stop at lathering sunscreen and UV protective eyewear; sporting UPF protective clothing should also be part of your routine. Wearing clothing scientifically proven to safeguard skin against skin cancer, other skin-related conditions, and premature aging is an absolute must. 

Just like the harmful UV rays go beyond the surface of many materials, skin protection goes beyond sunscreen and UV protective sunglasses—the skin under articles of clothing can be exposed to harmful radiation from the sun, so we must dress with UPF protection when selecting our outfits for the garden. 

Gardening Under the Sun: Beyond the Sleeves

UPF 50+ Sun Hats: Your First Line of Defense

While sleeves protect your arms, a UPF 50+ sun hat is the sentinel for your face, ears, and neck. Our sun hats are not just a fashion statement—they are meticulously designed to provide maximum protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. The wide brim ensures your face is shaded, not only preventing sunburn but also helping to reduce the risk of long-term skin damage and signs of aging. The UPF 50+ rating is your assurance that 98 percent of the sun's rays are blocked, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining the health of your skin.

A woman reaching into a flower bed to garden.

Work Horse Canvas Aprons: Tough, Reliable Protection

The garden is a place of peace, but it’s also a battleground where the skin can take a hit from more than just the sun. That's where our Work Horse Canvas Aprons come into play. Made from robust, high-quality materials, these aprons fend off scratches, irritants, and the sun, providing an extra layer over areas that might otherwise be exposed. Pockets for tools enhance functionality, ensuring that the practicality of your gardening is as steadfast as your skin's defense.

A woman wearing our heavy-duty canvas apron in the garden.

Specialized Rugged Guard Gloves: Comfort Meets Care

Hands are the gardener's most prized tools, and they require protection that is as diligent as it is delicate. Our range of gardening gloves shields your hands not only from soil and thorns but also from the sun's rays. Crafted to be tough against the elements but gentle on the skin, these gloves are a testament to the philosophy that caring for nature includes caring for oneself.

A woman's arm reaching out wearing the protective gloves and sleeves.

The Sun Protective Regimen: A Holistic Approach

The importance of a comprehensive sun protective regimen cannot be overstated. When planning your outdoor wardrobe, it's crucial to think beyond sporadic sunscreen application. Instead, create a complete outfit that works harmoniously to protect you from the sun. Each piece of clothing and accessory in our collection is designed with this holistic protection in mind, ensuring that your time spent outside is safe and enjoyable.

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Finding the Right Fit: Sizes and Styles for All

Our protective wear isn't just about safeguarding your skin; it's about ensuring comfort and fit for all body types. With sizes ranging from XS to XXL+, everyone can find their perfect match. Whether you're pairing our sleeves with a short-sleeved tee for a quick weeding session, or you're suiting up in full gear for an all-day landscape project, our protective clothing is created to blend seamlessly into your gardening ensemble. Our UPF 50+ sun hats, Work Horse Canvas Aprons, and specialized gloves complement both the functionality and the fashion of any sun protective outfit.

Enjoying the Sun Responsibly

Remember, spending time outdoors is essential for our well-being, but doing so responsibly is key. With the right protective clothing, including our sleeves, sun hats, aprons, and gloves, you can soak in the benefits of the sun without the risks. Embrace the call of the outdoors with confidence and care, knowing that you're fully protected.

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