The Best Gardening Books to Begin the New Year

The Best Gardening Books to Begin the New Year

The Best Gardening Books to Begin the New Year

Are you ready to take your gardening to the next level? This list of books offers essential classics and the most recent guide to  organic pest and disease control, giving you the knowledge and tools you need to create a beautiful garden that will last year-round. Whether you're a novice or an experienced gardener, these books have the advice and ideas you need to get the garden of your dreams.

Reclaiming the Designer: Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes

For a modern perspective on Farrand's work, check out Reclaiming the Designer: Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes. This book takes a look at Farrand's work from a contemporary point of view and provides insight into her garden design and legacy.

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Here’s a look at the work of a revolutionary female landscape architect who crafted captivating gardens for some of the most famous families in the world, like the Rockefellers and Roosevelts. Her influence can be witnessed in the Rose Garden at the New York Botanical Garden. To get an in-depth look into Farrand's life and accomplishments, pick up Gardens for a Beautiful America. This updated edition provides an exhaustive look at her remarkable body of work and enduring impact on the world of garden design. It's essential for anyone who wants to learn more about classic garden design.

Containers in the Garden by Claus Dalby

If you're searching for a book to aid you in constructing a stylish garden for the upcoming year, Containers in the Garden is great. With its blend of expert guidance and practical tips, this book offers the techniques to build container gardens that will add a unique flair to any outdoor area, regardless of the season or living situation.

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Explore strategies on how to reduce upkeep while still preserving a lush and radiant aesthetic in your garden. Containers in the Garden is an indispensable resource that will aid you in designing fashionable planters to bring your garden to life in the new year.

In addition, you'll learn how to choose the right plants and how to maintain your planters so that they will look beautiful all year round. With its easy-to-follow advice, Containers in the Garden is the perfect guide to creating a stunning garden this coming season.

Gardening for Everyone: Growing Vegetables, Herbs and More at Home

Gardening for Everyone: Growing Vegetables, Herbs and More at Home is the guide for anyone looking to challenge themselves by cultivating their own food. This book provides a comprehensive guide to planning, constructing, tending, and harvesting food, with valuable tips and techniques to ensure success from planting to deadheading, to welcoming beneficial insects and pollinators, to battling the bad bugs. For those starting from square one or those hoping to refine their gardening knowledge concerning edibles, this book is an essential addition to their shelf.

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With a focus on sustainability, Gardening for Everyone also provides ideas for composting, rainwater harvesting, and other eco-friendly practices that help to make gardens as eco-friendly as possible. In addition, the book covers winter gardening, offering tips and tricks that can help gardeners extend their growing season even when the temperatures start to drop.

How to Garden when you Rent by Matthew Pottage

For renters looking to get into gardening, How to Garden when you Rent by Matthew Pottage is a must-read. Pottage offers practical advice and projects to help you get started quickly and easily, even when renting a property for a shorter period of time. His advice covers topics such as how to choose the right plants for your garden, how to protect your plants from the cold weather during winter, and how to make the most of a small space.

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With his guidance, renters can feel empowered to invest in a beautiful garden and make the most of their space. Pottage also provides tips on how to build up the soil, use containers and window boxes, and even create a vertical garden. In addition to giving practical advice, he offers design ideas to help renters create a garden that is both beautiful and functional. Whether you want to grow vegetables, flowers, or a combination of both, Pottage's book offers plenty of ideas for transforming a rental property into a garden oasis.

The Magic of Mushrooms by Sandra Lawrence, Welbeck

For those looking to tap into the magic world of fungi, The Magic of Mushrooms by Sandra Lawrence, Welbeck is an absolute essential. Lawrence approaches every chapter with a vivid and immersive storytelling style, demonstrating the extensive research that they have poured into the book. Filled with amazing illustrations of mushrooms in art and literature, this book truly captures the mysterious and captivating nature of fungi.

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Lawrence delves into the science behind the fungi kingdom, discussing everything from the anatomy of mushrooms to the different types of spore dispersal. Not to mention they also provide detailed information on the best practices for cultivating mushrooms in different climates. The book also features an array of fascinating facts about fungi, such as the many uses of mushrooms in traditional medicine and the role they play in the food chain. Lawrence leaves no stone unturned, giving you a full and unforgettable reading experience.

No Dig by Charles Dowding

No Dig by Charles Dowding is an indispensable guide to no-dig vegetable growing, providing an exhaustive and practical approach. It covers all the fundamentals of this ecological method, from launching your journey to growing individual crops. Intended for both novice and veteran gardeners alike, it offers a clear and straightforward guide on how to plan, sow, and manage plants. With an emphasis on organic and sustainable solutions, it explains the techniques needed to make the most of your garden, regardless of size. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to make 2023 a truly productive gardening year, full of insightful wisdom and enthusiasm.

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It also includes advice on how to store, cook and preserve your harvest, as well as inspiring examples of how others have tackled their no-dig gardens with success. With full-color photography throughout, this book is a must-have for any gardener looking to make the most of their garden.

The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control by Fern Bradley

If you're looking for a reliable and comprehensive guide on gardening without the use of harsh chemicals, The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control (by Fern Bradley) is the book for you. It is the perfect resource for any gardener looking to battle garden problems without the use of chemicals. It features the latest science-based recommendations for organic gardening and all-new photos of common and recently introduced pests and plant diseases.

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The book also includes a plant-by-plant guide with symptoms and solutions for 200 popular plants, including flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and fruits. Furthermore, an insect-and-disease encyclopedia with a photo identification guide and detailed descriptions of damage included, as well as extensive coverage of the most up-to-date organic control techniques and products. Consider adding The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control to your list of gardening books for the new year!


To ensure you're prepped for the upcoming gardening season, check out these titles. Whether you're a beginner striving to master the fundamentals or an adept cultivator desiring to hone your expertise, these books will offer invaluable insight and advice to assist you in crafting a breathtaking garden that fits your needs.