Pollinator Partnership

In Spring 2022, Farmer's Defense teamed up with the Pollinator Partnership, committing to restore 10 square feet of pollinator habitat for every Bee Sleeve sold, made entirely from recycled materials to address the global decline in bee populations. This initiative addresses pollinator population decline from two angles, reducing our carbon footprint and donating a portion of Bee Sleeve sales towards the creation and restoration of pollinator habitats. Our mission to support and strengthen pollinator populations has just begun.

While individual and local community efforts are vital, non-profit campaigns are equally essential in addressing issues beyond our physical reach. Farmer's Defense recognizes this and has taken action to contribute by rehabilitating and creating environments that promote pollinator populations. 

However, some issues related to habitat loss are difficult to solve immediately, and reversing insensitive urban development and modern farming methods established over the past century is unlikely. Nevertheless, we can make a difference by collaborating with non-profit organizations like the Pollinator Partnership to build and strengthen habitats for pollinator populations, starting from our backyards and community gardens.

In 2022 alone, we restored over 100k square feet of pollinator habitat, becoming a leader in pollinator conservation.

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Homeless Garden Project

In our pursuit to end homelessness and provide a better life for the unhoused and unsheltered, Farmer’s Defense has partnered with the Homeless Garden Project, an established nonprofit in our local community of Santa Cruz, CA. 

 The Homeless Garden Project has become a vital part of the community, providing job training, transitional employment, and support services for those experiencing homelessness. This takes place on a 3-acre organic farm located just under a mile from the beach in Santa Cruz. The center offers educational workshops, opportunities to work alongside volunteers, interns, and customers, creating a sense of community and connectedness for those who have felt isolated. 

The project not only helps the struggling community but also betters the local food system through communal gardening, harvesting, and distributing of produce and products. By focusing on conservation and regenerative agricultural principles, the dynamic employment training programs profoundly change the lives of those wishing to maintain a stable and productive place in society. The benefits are many, offering transitional employment in a structured environment, the opportunity to learn various marketable skills, and the chance to give back to the community by growing food for other programs that serve homeless and at-risk populations. 

This effort relies on the contributions of a diverse group of volunteers, including students, families, and other groups, as well as funding from businesses like ours. The Homeless Garden Project is a community within itself, thriving as it dissolves the deep sense of isolation felt by so many experiencing homelessness. It builds a path out of homelessness through community service and environmental stewardship.    

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Breast Cancer Foundation

We at Farmers Defense have launched our Defeat Breast Cancer sleeves, with Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Fall 2022. This collection was designed to spread awareness of how we can help end breast cancer for good. When you purchase one of these sleeves, 10% of each sleeve’s sale will be given directly to Susan G. Komen. 

Komen has been on the ground floor in the fight against breast cancer since the 1980s and has the exceptional reputation of partnering with world-class companies to generate funding that goes directly toward ending breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by advancing research, education, screening, and treatment. This is why we have chosen Komen as a partner in our dedicated effort to bring awareness and support to their vision of a world without breast cancer. Without a doubt, we have seen progress in the last four decades, so we can confidently say there is a promise for a brighter future. To support breast cancer research is to support the vitality of all people. 

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Navarro Farms

In 2022, Kaz Koskiolek, one of our co-founder, made a meaningful visit to Navarro Farms in his home state of Illinois. This exceptional project provides support and opportunities for individuals with special needs and their communities, aligning with the compassionate values at the core of Farmers Defense. During his visit, Kaz provided gardening and farming products to those working and learning on the 5-acre Navarro family farm. The farm serves a vital purpose in creating an agricultural experience for individuals with special needs to enhance their social skills and independence, creating a nurturing environment to grow and thrive. Navarro Farms stands as a symbol of our commitment to continuing to make a positive impact on individuals, families, and communities, making gardening accessible to everyone.

Tree Planting

Our collaboration with Ecodrive demonstrates our commitment to sustainable business practices and responsibility for reducing our environmental impact. By planting a tree for every order, we promote reforestation and combat deforestation to restore ecosystems and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Trees play a vital role in the environment, absorbing carbon dioxide, providing oxygen, and supporting wildlife habitats. Choosing our Farmer Sleeves, made from recycled materials and providing an eco-friendly clothing option, contributes to a sustainable future. Planting a tree with every order further enhances this positive impact. 

Partnering with Ecodrive, an organization dedicated to sustainable forestry practices and reforestation efforts worldwide, we can work towards a greener future, one tree at a time.

Recycled Plastic

As we are all aware, plastic waste is a major environmental concern. That's why we are committed to using REPREVE® eco-dynamic fabric for our polyester, which is made from recycled materials. Our Farmer Sleeves are not only moisture-wicking and UPF 50+ protective, but they also protect against skin allergens and scratches, making them the ideal choice for farmers, gardeners, and outdoor workers. Moreover, they provide a comfortable and practical alternative to heavy clothing.