Sun Hats — Essential Sun Protection Outdoors

Sun Hats — Essential Sun Protection Outdoors

Sun Hats: Essential Sun Protection Outdoors 

If you’re planning on spending some solid time outdoors this summer, taking precautions against the sun’s relentless rays is crucial. The sun brings fun, with so many more activities to enjoy. Still, it has complications, like sunburn and heat exhaustion—not to mention more severe risks that we often don’t consider until it’s too late, like sunstroke and heat exhaustion.

With all that in mind, let’s think about what we can put on our heads to keep us cool and deter block harmful UV rays from reaching our skin. Our faces, ears, necks, and shoulders tend to take the brunt of UV rays as they are in the most constant exposure. 

Sun Hats Offer UV Protection

Protection from UV rays is the most apparent reason for throwing on a sun hat before venturing outdoors. It’s easy to get outside and experience sun damage before realizing that your skin is exposed to damaging rays. Keeping a sun hat by the door on the way to your morning walk or a trip to the garden makes a habit of sun protection easier to build. The best sun hats will be wide-brimmed, giving protection from all angles.

Sun Hats Help Us See and Protect Vision

There’s a huge emphasis on protecting skin from sun exposure, but the sun’s damage to the eyes is often overlooked. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to vision damage and other complication over time.

There are times, mainly when doing work outside or digging in the garden, when we need to see clearly but still want protection from the sun. Sun hats are the perfect accessory when sunglasses aren’t the ideal solution. 

Sun Hats Help Regulate Body Temperature 

Whether the weather is hot or cold, the head is one key area in the body's regulation temperature. Using a sun hat to keep direct sun rays off your face, neck, and shoulders in hot weather can help lower your body temperature. Adversely, when the weather is colder, a sun hat will help preserve your body’s heat while providing UV protection. 


For these reasons, sun hats are a must for any outdoor attire. Ideally, you’ll want something that keeps the head cool and covered while shading your face, ears, neck, and shoulders, providing sufficient coverage. 

The Farmers Defense straw sun hat is the classic gardener’s hat design, with our colorful and creative touch. Our hats offer UPF 50+ and a breathable design made from solid and durable straw. The fabric underside of the hat helps provide extra shade and UV protection while featuring fun and personalized design.

Our Sun Hats come in three designs:

The Garden Flower sun hat is your best friend in the sun. The straw hat delivers a comfortable fit that keeps you shielded from the sun while tending to your garden, greenhouse, or whatever has brought you outdoors. The graphic design features an array of sunflowers with butterflies on a white backdrop. 

The Tropical Flower sun hat offers the same design as the Garden Flower but features tropical flowers and palm leaves on a black backdrop. 

The See-Weed sun hat is part of our collaboration with local artist Taylor Reinhold, of Santa Cruz, CA. This hat has the same design as the others but features a psychedelic layering of seaweed leaves, green, purple, and blue, over a teal backdrop.


All our hats are unisex for men and women and have internal headbands to keep the sweat off your face while securing a comfortable fit. Our straw sun hats also feature adjustable chin straps to hold down your sun-protection game at all times.

So enough squinting and burning in the garden, our sun hats keep your eyes and skin protected while keeping you cool with the colorful, comfortable, and sturdy design. Our sun hats are an incredibly versatile addition to your sun protective outfit and gardening gear.