Pollinator Partnership

We're so excited to announce our new donation partnership with The Pollinator Partnership and the Bee Friendly Farming program


It’s no secret that pollinators, especially bees, are declining globally. We lose 40% of honey bees every year from pollution, toxic farming chemicals, and climate change. Over 85% of flowering plants are reproduced from these pollinators, which creates one and three bites of food we eat. This isn’t sustainable.


Let’s take action toward change. Farmers Defense is donating 10% of the “Save the Bee” Sleeves to Pollinator Partnership. Through the Pollinator Partnership we’ll create habitats for these bees to thrive. Every pair sold will provide 10 sq/ft of restored habitat for sustainable farming and gardening.


Pollinator Partnership is a non-profit organization that educates, facilitates, and supports Bee Friendly Farms (BFF). This program creates ecosystems that encourage the growth of bees internationally.


Join us as we support programs to bring a stop to the bee decline. Without bees, we everything. Purchase these sleeves and let’s create a better future.