About us

Growing in comfort

Why Farmers Defense?

Good for you

Our products are designed to help keep you comfortable and protected so you can do what you love and grow in comfort! From UV protective clothing to waterproof aprons, we've got you covered. 

Good for the planet

We are committed to doing our part to help leave the world better than when we found it. That means making our products out of recycled materials and using compostable packaging wherever possible. 

Good for others

We go beyond just making great gear and choose to support causes that we believe in. We donate to causes such as saving the bees, defeating breast cancer, garden social rehabilitation programs, special needs farm programs, and more.

Our Story

During his years as a gardener, our founder Jeremy's skin was always getting irritated either from scratches from prickly plants, burns from the sun, or rashes from a reaction. To prevent this as most do, he wore a long sleeved shirt or hoodie but found that not only were they too baggy and in the way, but they were also too hot during the hot days in the garden or greenhouse.

That's when he decided to make his own solution and developed the first farm protection sleeves. From that point on, it's been the company's mission to make the best protective apparel and accessories to keep farmers, gardeners, and outdoor workers more comfortable.