Lannie Armstrong


Where are you from?

Maryland, USA

What is something you are proud of in your craft?

I take pride in creating high quality, engaging, educational and inspiring contents the encourages gardeners new and experienced gardeners from different parts of the world.

How has gardening influenced your life?

Gardening tremendously helped me reduce the anxiety during the pandemic. It keeps me active, provides food for our family, gives me a space to be creative, happy and relaxed. It allows me to grow as an individual as well because I was able to connect with other fellow gardeners and learn a lot about nature.

What's your go-to Farmers Defense outfit?

I love the hat and the sleeves a lot!

What growing zone are you in?

Zone 7

What are your favourite resources for gardening information online?

I like listening to Growfully Jenna and The Millennial Gardener recently but I’ve also listened to others aside from them.

What's your favourite type of content to create as an ambassador

I like Harvesting video, gardening tips and tricks, garden updates and DIYs.