Farmers Defense Protection Sleeves

Become a fearless gardener with our game-changing sleeves. Say goodbye to skin irritation, sunburns, and overheating and hello to limitless gardening adventures.


The best sleeves you will ever own

UPF 50+

Blocks 98% of harmful UV rays.

Moisture Wicking & Cooling

Sweat wicking technology that actually keeps you cool.


Breathable and comfortable

Scratch Resistant

Keeps your skin scratch and rash free.

Blocks 98% of harmful UV rays

Farmers Defense sleeves are UPF 50+ rated with natural UV blocking properties and have been tested to block 98% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays.

Keeps your skin scratch and rash free

Farmers Defense sleeves will exceed your expectations and keep you protected in almost all environments.

Way cooler than a long sleeve or hoodie

Made with sweat wicking and cooling material so that they would actually help regulate your temperature and keep you cool.

Made from eco-friendly REPREVE® fabric

We made the switch to REPREVE, using recycled materials to lower our carbon footprint and do good for the planet.


Wendy B.


I have asked my husband to pick the green beans for over 40 years. Thanks to these, I am happily giving him a break from that chore. No more itchy, rashy green bean arms! Thanks!

Cynthia R.


I used your gardening sleeves and really liked them. My son came over and cleared out a bunch of wild blackberry bushes and other unwanted brush and I gave him my sleeves to use. He loved them and took them home with him he liked them so much! 

Laura G.


Love these! Fit great and feel amazing. Super breathable. Covers most of my hand.

Alberta S.


These are so great! 

I’m a Horticulture/ Permaculture student & needed something to protect my arms from the hot sun. I got a pair of your fab #gardeningsleeves & I absolutely love them. I think a bunch of my classmates are ordering some too! They are super cute & stay up nicely. I also appreciate the minimal packaging it’s shipped in! Excellent work #farmersdefense, thank you!

Megan T.


Perfect smooth fit

Gift for our Dog groomer and she LOVES THEM. Her biz is called Soap Doggie Dog and so the Soap Challenge sleeves were hilariously perfect.

Sierra H.


Awesome protection!

I work as a landscaper and work 10 hour days. Before the sleeves I would wear long sleeved T’s. That didn’t help at all with the heat or protect my arms. The sleeves are sturdy and keep U.V. Rays off my arms that are exposed generally all day. They’re pretty and I get compliments on them all the time. The fit is perfect and now my coworker has a pair because my mom gifted us a second set!

Kristy S.


Awesome Sleeves!

These Farmers Sleeves are the best thing I've found in a long time to protect my arms while working outside. Not only do they fit well, and stay up without pinching (the grips are smooth and comfortable) but they protect from sun and garden debris, while still feeling cool. You can actually feel the breeze through them when outside. Of course, they are also stylish with some of the coolest designs. I plan to get a second pair so I will have one to wash and wear. Highly recommend these's so great to be able to ditch the long sleeve shirts I've been wearing to protect my arms!

Linda H.


Farmers Sleeves

These are great!!! love the fit, and how they feel. I was thinking I wouldn't like them and quite the opposite. I need to keep my arms covered from the sun and these did it. Since it has the protection in the material. Plus I can work in the landscape and avoid scratching my skin from irritating plants. Love them so glad I found you.

Morgan P.


Excellent New Tattoo Protection

I bought these sleeves to protect a brand new tattoo from the hard labor I do for a living. From stonework to hauling brush, they've done a great job keeping my tattoo from being damaged or sunburnt.

Cynthia K.


These work great

These fit comfortably and stay on while I’m gardening and even make soap. I love the bee pattern and light color for hot summer days!

Tiffany S.


No mo irritation

I’ve only used it a few times so far, but everything I grew in my garden irritated my skin. I used a hoodie all year and that was like a sauna. A friend sent me a link and I liked what was advertised. The sleeves are cool and there has been no irritation while using them. Thanks!

Sean M.


As Advertised!

In addition to gardening I tend to all aspects of my yard which typically lead to my arms getting lit up but all kinds of edges, points and the like. This seemed like the perfect answer and I definitely banked on the thumb hole making it a solid fit. I can’t stand loose and baggy clothing. Especially when working outside. These are snug (check the size chart) and have performed perfectly since I got them. I’m in Houston and in a short period of time I’ve had a lot of heat, rain and everything in between. They’re still going strong. As advertised.