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Explore How We Support Pollinator Partnership's Mission

In Spring 2022, Farmer's Defense teamed up with the Pollinator Partnership, committing to restore 10 square feet of pollinator habitat for every Bee Sleeve sold, made entirely from recycled materials to address the global decline in bee populations. This initiative addresses pollinator population decline from two angles, reducing our carbon footprint and donating a portion of Bee Sleeve sales towards the creation and restoration of pollinator habitats. Our mission to support and strengthen pollinator populations has just begun.

While individual and local community efforts are vital, non-profit campaigns are equally essential in addressing issues beyond our physical reach. Farmer's Defense recognizes this and has taken action to contribute by rehabilitating and creating environments that promote pollinator populations. 

However, some issues related to habitat loss are difficult to solve immediately, and reversing insensitive urban development and modern farming methods established over the past century is unlikely. Nevertheless, we can make a difference by collaborating with non-profit organizations like the Pollinator Partnership to build and strengthen habitats for pollinator populations, starting from our backyards and community gardens.

In 2022 alone, we restored over 100k square feet of pollinator habitat, becoming a leader in pollinator conservation.

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